A Number of Developments are Accomplished, Progress has been Realized in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said progress had spread to every corner of Papua. Marked by the accomplishment of infrastructure development there.

Jokowi is known to have an Indonesia-centric development program that is not only centered on the island of Java. The provinces of Papua and West Papua are the Head of State’s special attention regarding infrastructure.

Amount of infrastructures that signify Papua’s progress include the Youtefa Bridge located in Jayapura. Jokowi has inaugurated it in 2019. Now the bridge is a landmark of the city.

“Since two years ago, the Youtefa Bridge has become a landmark of the City of Jayapura, as well as a symbol of progress in the development of the Land of Papua,” Jokowi said through his Twitter account, Saturday (16/10/2021).

Now, Jokowi says progress has spread in every corner of Papua. At least, it was marked by the inauguration of the Skouw Cross-Border Post (PLBN) located in Muara Tami District, Jayapura City. The post is directly adjacent to neighboring state, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Jokowi has inaugurated the Sota PLBN in Merauke Regency, Papua. Then, the  sports complex of Papua Bangkit has also been inaugurated, to the Trans Papua Road. The Head of State hopes that a number of infrastructures that have been built can be put to good use so that they can truly advance Papua.

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“Now, progress has ben evenly in every corner of Papua, from the Skouw and Sota PLBN buildings, the sports complex of Papua Bangkit, to Trans Papua,” concluded Jokowi.

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