A Ministry of PUPR Budgets Rp100.59 trillion for the Development of Papua-West Papua in 2022

assigned on the 2022 DIPA budget to continue the development project of Rp. 100.59 trillion.

Minister Basuki said that currently the Ministry of PUPR has built 3 PLBNs (Pos Cross Borders) located in Papua and West Papua, namely Skouw PLBN in Jayapura City, Sota PLBN in Merauke Regency, and Yetetkun PLBN in Boven Digoel Regency.

The Ministry of PUPR is also committed to completing the building of the Trans Papua Road connecting Papua and West Papua. Minister Basuki said that of the total length of the Trans- Papua Road, which is 3,462 km only 183 km of the rest which have not been realized. As long as 1,647 km are already in a paved condition, namely 977 km in Papua and 670 km in West Papua.

“Earlier, a Regent has asked to speed up the completion of the road from Keerom Regency to Batom District, we will continue to make efforts to accelerate it so that it can be immediately reached,” said Minister Basuki in a written statement, Saturday (4/12/2021).

In addition to the PLBN and the Trans Papua Road, the Ministry of PUPR in Papua and West Papua is also building infrastructure to support the implementation of the XX National Sports Week (PON) as well as the construction of special houses, clean water, environmental roads, and suspension bridges in Asmat, Mappi, and Mamberamo Raya regencies.

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Minister Basuki added that the entire total budget could not be used completely, but had to be saved at 5% as a precautionary measure for the pandemic.

“Because we are still dealing with a pandemic, there is still a 5% savings that we hold first. If the pandemic can be finished in the first half of 2022, then we can use the savings to increase infrastructure development,” Minister Basuki continued. The Ministry of PUPR hopes that with this sustainable commitment, it can contribute in providing real solutions and contributions in responding to challenges and advancing the people of Papua and West Papua. The Ministry of PUPR will continue to pay attention to governance in its implementation, so that the quality is right, the target is right, and the administration is right.

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