A Literacy Movement for an Inland Generation

(Part 2)

goodmorningpapua.com – On the human development around the world, it is inseparable from the literacy movement. Literacy, reading, writing and numeracy is the most fundamental thing in the history of development of human beings in the world. Paolo Freire emphasizes and conducts literacy activities for the existing and marginalized communities in the region where he comes from in Brazil.

He conducted the process and literacy movement for how local people get out of the illiteracy rate making them live in oppression and structural poverty that the oppressors created.

 In the context of Papua, it is very necessary to conduct a literacy movement in every rural area of ​​Papua as a process of independence for local people. The main step that must be taken by a generation that already knows the nature of education, we must be the front line in advancing Papua through education which must be contextual to the culture and life of the local community. Education must be a tool that can change an area which is rich in natural resources [Papua].

This literacy movement is very important for every young generation because it is a very primary educational activity. Starting from the basics of this literacy movement that can determine humans or the young generation of Papua in the future to come. Facilitators can divide the class into several classes to facilitate teaching classes for children from early childhood to adulthood.

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For an early age, it can be divided more into the recognition process and into playing games and the letter recognition process. And at the age of adults who can read, enter an applied literacy classes such as taking part, leading meetings and deciding what needs to be discussed together or also advocating something as faced with a problem.

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