A Khulutiyauw Megalithic Site, a Tourism for Athletes and Tourists of PON XX Papua 2021

goodmorningpapua.com – Athletes, officials, and tourists watching the National Sports Week or PON XX Papua 2021 can travel in their spare time. They can drop in the Khulutiyauw Megalithic Site in Abar Village, Ebungfauw District, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

This megalithic site is at the top of Khulutiyauw Hill and has beautiful views. The around of Khulutiyauw Hill  is a green expanse of savanna and you can see Lake Sentani from a distance. From the top of this hill, tourists can get a 4G signal, so they can immediately update their status to social media. Just a little down the slope, the 4G signal changes to 2G.

Researcher from the Papua Archaeological Center, Hari Suroto, said that Khulutiyauw Hill is located west of Kampung Abar. To get to the megalithic site, tourists have to walk along the trail for about 30 minutes. “The megalithic remains on Khulutiyauw Hill are menhirs and stone planks,” Hari Suroto told Tempo. The both of megalithic objects were used as a medium of worship of ancestral spirits in prehistoric times.

In addition to having historical tourist destinations in the form of megalithic sites on Khulutiyauw Hill, Kampung Abar is also popular as a traditional pottery-producing village.

Every year the people of Kampung Abar hold a Papeda Eating Festival in Pottery. They serve papeda with fried louhan fish, yellow gravy fish, processed caterpillars, sago mushrooms, presto tilapia, and cork fish sticks taken from Lake Sentani.

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Tourists can reach Kampung Abar by boat for 15 minutes from Yahim Pier, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency. You can also pass the southern ring road of Lake Sentani which connects Heram District, Jayapura City to Abar Village.

If you pass the southern ring road, tourists will pass the tourist destination of Lake Love, Papua. Please note that the southern ring road is still a soil road. If it rains, the road is muddy and you have to be extra careful because it is slippery and there are mud puddles.

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