A Highest Economic Rate of Papua, Growing 14.54 Percent in the Third Quarter of 2021

goodmorningpapua.com – Papua became the province recording the highest economy in the third quarter of 2021, namely it was 14.54 percent on an annual basis. Its growth increased compared to the 2021 quarter which was 13.7 percent.

Citing data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Friday (5/11), mining and quarrying are the biggest contributors to the Papuan economy. Those sectors recorded a growth of 37.56 percent.

Then, there are 13 other sectors that also boost the Papuan economy. The details are company services which grew by 2.02 percent, infocomm 2.71 percent, wholesale trade 9.3 percent, construction 3.76 percent, and electricity and gas procurement 9.29 percent.

Then, health services and social activities recorded a growth of 5.21 percent, financial and insurance services 4.49 percent, other services 3.73 percent, real estate 7.04 percent, accommodation and food and drink providers 6.14 percent, water supply, waste and recycling 6.58 percent, agriculture, forestry and fisheries grew 1.22 percent, and transportation and warehousing 0.24 percent.

Meanwhile, there are three business sectors that are still contracting. In detail, the manufacturing industry is minus 0.1 percent, education services is minus 5.82 percent, and government administration is minus 3.98 percent.

BPS data shows mining and quarrying to be the source of the highest growth, which is 12.95 percent.

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In terms of spending, household consumption only grew 1.3 percent, consumption of non-profit institutions rose 7.44 percent, the government consumption was minus 8.19 percent, investment jumped more than 40 percent, exports grew 149 percent, and imports rose 117.49 percent.

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