A Grandmother in Papua asks Risma a House to Take Care of Her Grandchildren

goodmorningpapua.com – Her hair had turned white in spite of her body was straight. In her lap two toddlers were playing with each other, one other child standing behind her.

Wearing a yellow kebaya, she immediately approached the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, in the Hall of the Faculty of Engineering, Cendrawasih University, Papua. One child is still in the lap because refusing to be left from her. Her real name is Beatrix Numberi, a 63-year-old grandmother in South Jayapura, Jayapura City, Papua. Previously she admitted that her life was going well, there was no shortage of food and bavarages on the earth of paradise, although she was still a little confused when she had to buy electricity and credit.

Her story begins in July 2021, exactly when the child had to be lying in the hospital because of being positive for Covid-19. The wife,  Beti’s daughter-in-law, took care of him for several days before finally testing positive for Covid-19 and having to lie in the hospital.

Beti said that at that time, many of her neighbors were also affected by Covid-19. Positive cases of Covid-19 nationally were quite high in the July-August period, peaking on July 15 as many as 56,757 cases in a day.

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Every day, said Beti, she always saw ambulances passing on the main road, whether to carry Covid-19 patients or other purposes. She also said that she had traveled around Jayapura City with her neighbors to look for oxygen for his children-in-law.  She entrusted her grandson to a close neighbor.

The August, when Beti received news that her son and daughter-in-law had died, she immediately left her big family home to take her five grandchildren who were at home.

The distance between Beti’s family house and their child’s rented house is actually quite close, only about 30 kilometers. However, unlike Jakarta, it takes longer to get there by taxi. Don’t also think that, the taxi in question is like in a capital. Rather it is more a 2000 carry pick up car.

When the grandsons are brought into the big house, it is not a warm embrace welcoming them. Beti felt that her grandchildren presence was not well received by her big family. Understandably, the house is already inhabited by three large families not including one Beti. Beti herself is a widow who also lives in the family home.

Her two eldest grandchildren are 13 and 11 years old. Both were immediately taken by the Jayapura City Social Service to be sent to school in a dormitory.

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Beti is often asked by neighbors for help in cleaning the house. From that help, Beti can earn at least Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 100 thousand a day.

She also hopes that her five grandchildren can go to at least graduate school, just like their father. Beti said that her son, who had passed away, was sent by her with struggling to Cenderawasih University in Papua.

Two of Beti’s grandchildren were previously registered as recipients of social assistance (bansos) for orphans of Rp. 300,000 per person. However, the assistance was only given to two persons. The reason is that Beti’s other three grandchildren have not been registered as recipients of social assistance for orphans.

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