A Community of ‘Papua Trada Sampah’ Worried About Rubbish Volume in Jayapura

goodmorningpapua.com – The volume of waste in Jayapura City is increasingly worrying, because a number of points such as markets, roadsides and tourist destinations are not spared from waste.

A representatives of the “Papua Trada Sampah” Community Monalisa Sembor (25) said Papua has been heavily contaminated with plastic waste.

She said, almost in most of big cities have not paid much attention to the dangers of rampant plastic rubbish for the surrounding environment.

“The whole community must be willing to step down and take responsibility together, preventing a surge in plastic waste in each place,” said Monalisa, Monday (23/8/2021).

Mona, as she is familiarly called, hopes that the Jayapura City government can respond to this wisely.

“It’s useless when we get Adipura, while in remote villages, people are actively littering,” she said.

“Of course, if we want to alter it, we can use it as electricity in the future,” she said.

She added, people do not use plastic products to minimize accumulation.

“The something good  is that if there are activities or party events, residents don’t need to use plastic excessively,” she added.

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