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A Community Figure: Papuans Are Already Independent – Usai Alom, a community figure in Ilaga, Puncak Regency, Papua Province, asserted that Papuans are already independent. That is like his brothers from various parts of Indonesia.

“Indonesia has been independent for 75 years, it needn’t to talk about independence anymore. Let’s develop Papua to be more advanced, safer, so that everyone can freely earn economic livelihoods, children can go to school,” said Usai Alom.

He admitted that in order for the people of Puncak Regency to be able to carry out activities freely without fear, it requires security guarantees from the TNI and Polri apparatus. Without the presence of TNI and Polri apparatus, he said, certain individuals could bring out firearms arbitrarily to scare people, make terror and even acts of violence against them.

“We don’t want it to be happen again. This is an independent country. The government has presented to build so that people can prosper,” he said.

The Ilaga area and Puncak Regency in general, according to Usai Alom, are sacred areas where no one is allowed to do arbitrary acts to other people or to the nature around them.

“From the past to bel now our ancestors considers this area of ​​Ilaga as a sacred area. Missionaries from America have brought the gospel to this area. Whoever lives and comes to work in Ilaga, don’t mess around, but you have to regard everyone as brothers,” he said.

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After that, Alom expected that the younger generations of Ilaga and Puncak Regency in general have to be active in school, to achieve a more promising future. The establishment of Puncak Regency, which has been a division of Puncak Jaya Regency since 2008, he said, has become a golden bridge for all people in the region to be able to progress and develop.

From Friday (30/4) to Monday (3/5), the people of Puncak Regency have held a traditional rite of  ‘burning the stone’  as a manifestation of the peace process between the two groups who had  scuffled for 12 years ago, namely the Elvis Tabuni group and the Simon Alom group caused by Pilkada dispute.

“In the government administration, the issue was resolved. But traditionally there must be a peace process by means of a traditional rite of the burning of stone. There are 20 groups involved in this event,” he said.

According to Usai Alom, in general the security situation in the Ilaga and Puncak regencies in general is now increasingly conducive. “The local government, security forces and the church always be here for protecting us, the community. It is not true that people have been displaced from Ilaga,” said Usai Alom.

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