75 Percent of Papua Special Autonomy Fund Absorbed

goodmorningpapua.com – The Regional Office (Kanwil) of the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) of Papua Province said that the distribution of special autonomy funds (Otsus) 2021 had been absorbed up to 75 percent or Rp. 5.93 trillion of the allocation of Rp. 7.91 trillion.

A Head of the Regional Office (Kanwil) of the Directorate General of Treasury (DJPb) of Papua Province, Burhani AS in Jayapura, Monday (6/12), said the distribution of special autonomy funds this year had gone well and smoothly and would be distributed totally. “In the future, in 2022, the special autonomy fund will not decrease, it will increase, it’s just that the distribution pattern has changed,” he said.

According to Burhani, from the beginning, the entire distribution through the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) was only forwarded to the second-level regional government, in the future directly from the second-level regional government. “However, there is no change in its use and this can be proven how the regents or mayors will use the special autonomy funds,” said Burhani.

He explained the article, in 2022, the first year districts and cities received special autonomy funds without going through the Papua Provincial Government first. “The overall allocation increased because the multiplier went up, the national DAU increased then the percentage rose to 2.25 percent from the original two percent,” he said.

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He added that this was a direct policy from the center based on the Special Autonomy Law and related Government Regulations, namely Numbers 106 and 107.

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