5 Typical Papuan Flora, from Black Orchids to Red Fruits

goodmorningpapua.com – Hello guys, we know that Indonesia is a country with rich in unique flora and fauna in each region. One of the eastern parts of Indonesia, namely Papua, also has a variety of beautiful flora.

There are five typical Papuan flora that you can meet when visiting the region. As an Australis region, the plants in Papua have many similarities with the flora on the Australian continent.

In Australia there are many savannas and steppes and the same is true in Papua. However, apart from that, Papua also has some unique plants. Here are some unique and beautiful plants in Papua.

1. Papuan Black Orchid

Perhaps brothers and sisters have seen orchid plants in many times or maybe have them at home.

However, do you know guys? Orchids are one type of flower that has many types. One type of orchid, namely the black orchid, can only be found in Kalimantan and Papua. Even though they are both named black orchids, the two still have differences. The Papuan black orchid has dark black flowers with brightly colored pistils.

2. Red Fruit

Another typical Papuan plant is red fruit. This red fruit can also be found in the Papua New Guinea region and is known as Marita. While in Papua, red fruit is known as Kuansu. This red fruit grows wrapped in the skin in the form of thick green leaves.

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This fruit has 30 types, but only 4 types are widely traded at high prices. One type of red fruit, namely red long is also often used as herbal medicine.

3. Matoa

You can find this one plant on the island of Java and many other places. But do you know guys? Matoa is a plant originating from Papua.

Matoa has a unique fruit and skin structure like longan. When ripe, this fruit will have a purplish green skin.

While the meat has a mixed taste of longan and durian.

4. Ant Nest

This flora is a type of plant that grows attached to other plants. This ant nest can only be found on the trunk or branches of trees in Papua.

This plant has a brown color with several spines and broad leaves. When this plant is split, it will look like an anthill.

In addition, this plant is also often used by ants as a place to live. Although it looks like a parasite, the tubers of this plant have many health benefits.

The tubers of this plant can be processed into drugs for cancer, hemorrhoids, stroke, ulcers, and blood circulation.

5.  Musa Ingens Banana

Bananas do have many types, but they are different from the bananas in Papua.

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This fruit with the Latin name Musa Ingens has a very large size. One banana in ripe condition has a length of about 18 cm with a diameter of 4 cm. The weight of this fruit can reach 60 kg, you know. This Musa Ingens banana tree is commonly found in the Arfak Mountains region.

This plant usually has a height of up to 25 meters. Even the midrib of this banana leaf has a length of 5 meters with a leaf width of 1 meter.

Despite having a very large size, this fruit is rarely consumed because it tastes bland. Cultivation of this plant is also rarely done because it is difficult to plant.

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