4 Papuan Students Graduate in New Zealand

goodmorningpapua.com – A number of four Melanesian students from the Papua and West Papua provinces have completed their education at several universities in Aotearoa, New Zealand, from April to May 2021. They have graduated in the undergraduate and postgraduate education programs in various disciplines.

Nathan Sonyap graduated with a Master of International Tourism Management Studies from Waikato University on 21 April 2021. Yan Piterson Paiton Wenda obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Management from Otago University on 15 May 2021. Both are scholarship recipients from the Papua Provincial Government.

Gebriella Huberta Regina Thenau earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management with Yuliktus Korain earning a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing on 15 May 2021. Both are recipients of scholarships from the West Papua Provincial Government.

The four admitted that they were very grateful to be able to study and graduate from a top university in New Zealand. They dedicate this achievement to their families and indigenous Papuans.

Nathan Sonyap, Yan Piterson Paiton Wenda, Gebriella Huberta Regina Thenau, and Yuliktus Korain had a different experience, experiencing the kindness and generosity of New Zealand people on campus and in their social environment. They feel more comfortable and at peace during their studies, and thank everyone who has been a part of their journey of life and learning.

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Gebriella Thenau, known by the nickname Gebi said she never dreamed being able to study in New Zealand, given that it is the very high cost. Therefore, she is very grateful to the West Papua Provincial Government for providing her with a scholarship.

She said her parents always reminded herself to study seriously, because of the government uses Papuan people’s money, which her parents call “blood money”.  She often feels depressed when she hears her family ask herself when she will finish her college.

“My parents, please always remind me to study hard. Sa pu Father always said, ‘remember that you are using native Papuan money’,” said Thenau.

The four sons and daughters from the Land of Papua said that if they could do it, then their younger siblings, friends, and brothers who were struggling in education would also be able to. “Greetings from the four tongs for fathers, mothers, young brother or sisters, old brothers or sisters, uncles, aunties, teachers, local governments in both provinces, and all Papuan people in the Land of Papua”

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