287 CPNS Yapen Passed a Latsar, Regent: Report If Finding a Broker

goodmorningpapua.com – A Regent of Yapen Islands, Tony Tesar, asked the public to immediately report if they found a person suspected to be a broker for civil servant candidate in his area.

This statement was confirmed by the number one official in the Yapen Islands after closing the 2018 Formation CPNS basic training at the Silas Papare Building, Monday, December 20, 2021. A total of 287 CPNS were declared passed.

“Don’t believe it, if there is a broker servicing to pass the civil servant, because there is no government involvement in designing the passing of the test for civil servants in Yapen. If someone promises to pass, report it immediately. You get passing because you have the ability and are serious about working,” said Tony.

According to Tony, it is impossible if the CPNS test can be arranged. Because, said Tony, the CPNS test, including in the Yapen Islands Regency, is directly under the Central Government.

“There are still those who say that passing the test has a political factor, nothing at all, no one can help. Everything depends on the ability of the participants, and the test results can be seen immediately, “said Tony.

Tony also appreciated the spirit and enthusiasm of the civil servant candidate [CPNS] dominated by native Papuans. He also expressed his gratitude, because the basic training for civil servants in his area has been completed.

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“Thank God this Latsar has been finished and I hope that in the future there will be more applicants, not to mention how many percent are native Papuans and also immigrants, (because) we need those who know how to work (and are) responsible for serving the community,” said Tony.

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