25,000 PLN customers in Papua and West Papua have enjoyed electrical stimulus

goodmorningpapua.com – As many as 24,938 post-paid electricity customers in Papua and West Papua have received electrical stimulus in accordance with the government’s decision as of June 2021.

A PLN General Manager of the Parent Unit of the Papua and West Papua Regional (UIWP2B) Abdul Farid in Jayapura on Sunday, said the recipient of the stimulus was a post-paid customer of a group of 450 VA household rates as much as 19,233 customers, the group of 900 VA-subsidized household rates were 5,091 customers, as well as 450 VA business fare groups are 614 customers.

According to Farid, in the middle of this pandemic, PLN is committed to implement government policies while helping entrepreneurs and small communities to survive.

Previously, PLN was ready to do the government’s decision to re-extend the administration of electrical stimulus for small people, industry, business and social until December 2021. Electricity stimulus is a social protection form provided by the government to the community in the implementation of the Emergency Limitation of Community Activities (PPKM) to prevent Covid-19 deployment.

A Commercial Director and Management of PLN Customers Bob Saril, said the extension of electric stimulus can encourage the community and business actors to remain productive, and increase the purchasing power of the community in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Bob explained, the method of distribution of electric stimulus did not change from the third quarter of 2021, so that PLN was optimistic that the distribution would run smoothly.

Based on the letter of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of the Republic of Indonesia, the electrical stimulus given until December 2021, the amount is as follows:  the first, for customer household with 350 volt ampere, the small business power with 450 VA and the small industrial power with 450 VA is given a discount rate Electricity is 50% with a maximum use of 720 hours on.

Second, the customer of the subsidized household class with 900 VA is given a discount of 25% electricity tariff with a maximum use of 720 hours of turn and the third, the exemption of load costs or subscription, and the dispensation of minimum account requirements of 50% for industrial, business and social customers.

Discounts will be provided directly to customers. For post-paid customers, discounts are given by directly cutting the customer’s electrical account bill. Meanwhile, for prepaid customers, electricity tariff discounts are given when purchasing electric tokens.

Especially for exemption of charge, subscription, and dispensation of minimum accounts, stimulus administration will be provided automatically by cutting out bills of social, business and industrial consumer electricity accounts. 50% discount is only given for charge/ subscription fees and minimum account usage fees.

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