24.71 Percent of Children in Papua Get Married in Minor

goodmorningpapua.com – Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) noted that 24.71 percent of children in Papua were married under the age of 19. WVI even noted that there were children who married at the age of 10.

The data was compiled from the results of WVI research in four districts/cities namely Jayapura, Jayawijaya, Biak Numfor, and Asmat.

“This is a number regarding minor marriage where the number is very high,” said Agustinus Agung, one of the WVI online researchers, Tuesday (14/9).

The man who is familiarly called Agung said that even in Asmat district, the minor marriage rate is almost 30 percent. Asmat is the area with the highest number of minor marriages in Papua.

Then followed by Jayapura which reached 21.87 percent, Jayawijaya 18.23 percent, and Biak Numfor with 17.93 percent.

Agung mentioned many factors that influence the high rate of minor marriage in Papua. One of them is the opinion of parents that marrying children can be a solution for economic problems.

“Children are considered as the answer to get out of the existing poverty problem,” he said.

In addition, WVI also found a high percentage of underage pregnancies. He said as many as 28.57 daughters in Asmat had been underage pregnant.

In Jayawijaya, the number of pregnant children under the age of 20.65 percent, in Biak Numfor 17.94 percent, and Jayapura 17.46 percent.

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The minor marriage is associated with many problems such as high divorce rates. Pregnancy of a minor is also associated with a higher risk of maternal and child mortality.

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