172 West Papuan Youth Participate in the Pantukhir Session for the Admission of Indonesian Army Tamtama Candidates

goodmorningpapua.com – Kodam XVIII Kasuari held a Pantukhir Session for the admission of Candidates for PK TNI AD Phase II FY 2021. The activity took place in the Makodim Hall 1801/Manokwari, West Papua. The activity was led directly by the Commander of the XVIII Kasuari Military Command, Major General I Nyoman Cantiasa and was participated by 172 youths as participants from West Papua.

This trial is the last stage of a series of receipts for the TNI PK Batch II FY 2021 which will be held at Kodam XVIII Kasuari. Previously, a selection had been conducted at the regional level in West Papua and the participants who passed the selection took part in the selection at the central level. In his remarks, the Commander of the Regional Military Command said that the high interest in participating in the selection this time showed that many Papuan youths wanted to become TNI soldiers.

“This is something very good because it means they love TNI. If the interest is low, it means it raises a question,” he said.

Regarding the participants who failed the selection, the Military Commander said to prepare themselves more for taking the test and hoped that the Kodim ranks could conduct the mentoring for young people who wanted to take part in the selection.

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“In addition, it is hoped that the Kodim ranks can also provide prior socialization to young people who want to become members of the TNI and must be better prepared,” said the Commander.

After the session, the plan for candidates who have passed will immediately follow the training for the formation of TNI soldiers in Rindam XVIII/Kasuari which will be begun the next week.

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