1,520 Houses in West Papua Rebuilt

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 1,520 uninhabitable housing units (RTLH) in West Papua Province have received a housing renovation assistance in 2021. This assistance in the form of the Self-Help Housing Stimulant Assistance Program (BSPS) is expected to continue and increase the allocation of recipient units.

Lurah Anday Yoboi Wally said that the people really welcome the BSPS assistance from the PUPR Ministry and hope that in the future the amount of assistance can be increased. “Given that there are still many residents whose houses are not suitable for habitation,” he said, quoted from the PUPR Ministry’s website, Wednesday (12/22/2021).

A Head of the Papua II Housing Provision Implementation Center (P2P) Director General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR Yance Pabisa said, as many as 1,520 RTLH units had received the BSPS Program in West Papua Province. The recipients are spread across 11 regencies/cities with a total budget of Rp. 43.19 billion.

In detail, the figure of funds for the BSPS Program in urban areas is Rp. 23 million, while in mountainous areas it is Rp. 40 million. “The people receiving the assistance buy the construction materials and wages for craftsmen,” added Yance Pabisa.

The 11 regencies/cities in West Papua that received BSPS assistance, namely, Manokwari Regency 122 units, South Manokwari Regency 100 units, Sorong Regency 158 units. Then, Teluk Bintuni Regency 55 units, Teluk Wondama Regency 110 units, Sorong City 136 units, South Sorong Regency 271 units. Then, Tambrauw Regency 100 units, Maybrat Regency 311 units, Fakfak Regency 45 units, and Raja Ampat Regency 112 units. With this house renovation, it is hoped that it will improve the quality of life of the recipients, since they have a decent, healthy, and comfortable house.

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