1,500 Indigenous Papuans Enter Police Schools via Otsus

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 1,500 prospective NCO students of the Special Autonomy Affirmation (Otsus) who are native Papuans (OAP), passed the selection held by the Regional Committee (Panda) of the West Papua Regional Police. They are ready to be sent to 10 State Police Schools (SPN) in Indonesia to undergo education.

West Papua Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Tornagogo Sihombing said the 1,500 Casis of Bintara Affirmasu Otsus consisted of 1,400 men and 100 women.

“That is the final result of the selection that we carried out in accordance with the given quota. Get passing and not are things that must happen in a competition. For those who have not passed, keep the spirit and continue to practice to take the next test,” said the Kapolda at the release Police chassis from West Papua in the yard of the West Papua Police Headquarters, Manokwari, Friday (23/7).

Meanwhile, a Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police, Kombes Police Adam Erwindi said, in addition to the Special Task Force Officers, the West Papua Police also sent 511 General Duty Police Officers (PTU) consisting of 505 men and 6 women, as well as Ex Catar Panda 2 3 people, 3 people for proactive recruitment, 35 people for Brimob Police, 3 people for nurses, 3 for Bakomsus for Midwives, and 54 for Bakomsus for TI.

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In details, Adam continued, 100 people were sent to undergo education at the SPN Polda of West Sumatra, 100 people at SPN Polda of Riau, 147 people at SPN Polda of Bengkulu, 289 people at SPN Polda of West Java, 148 people at SPN Polda of Banten, 370 people at SPN of Central Java Police, 111 people at the West Kalimantan Polda SPN, 35 people at the North Maluku Polda SPN, 602 people at the Papua Police SPN, 50 people at the Sabhara Pusdik, 25 people at the Binmas Education Center, 25 people at the Polair Pusdik and 109 Sepolwan.

“For the enlisted police officers, 31 Brimob personnel were sent to the Diktuk Pusdik Brimob and 5 people at the Diktuk Pusdik Polair,” he added.

Regarding the recruitment of prospective SPN students, the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan said that the quota for the Special Autonomy Officer given was only 1,500 so it was impossible to pass more than the quota. Dominggus answered the request of a number of parents who were disappointed that their child had failed in the final stages of selection.

Dominggus admitted that together with the DPR, MRPB and the Kapolda, they had discussed to propose the addition of a special quota for those who failed in the final selection.

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It is known, the 1,500 National Police Officers for the Affirmation of Special Autonomy are the total of the City Districts in West Papua. The cost of education for them is allocated from the Special Autonomy fund. Previously, this program was also carried out by the Kasuari Military Command XVIII in accepting the Special Autonomy Officer who at that time had a quota of 1,000 people. The West Papuan government will propose to reopen the same recruitment for the next chance.

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