1,200 Young Farmers in Papua and West Papua Trained in Food Security

goodmorningpapua.com – More than 1,200 young farmers in Papua and West Papua were trained in food security by the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) in collaboration with Inspirational Young Papua. This program is a continuation of the Millennial Farmer Program which was encouraged by President Joko Widodo to support food security.

This training to support food availability involves 20 regencies/cities in Papua and 18 regencies/cities in West Papua through the Agency for Extension and Development of Agricultural Human Resources (BPPSDMP).

This training will take place from 15-23 November 2021, followed by intensive assistance for the next 1 year.

“This is to realize President Jokowi’s promise in a visit during the Opening of PON yesterday in Papua who asked the Minister of Agriculture to improve the skills of Papuan youth, and the number must be 2,000 people. The President asked that continuous assistance must be provided to increase their capacity,” said Special Staff of the President, Billy Mambrasar in his statement, Tuesday (11/16/2021).

He said, the big target of this program is the creation of 2.5 million young Indonesian farmers around Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo, when he opened the virtual training, stated that if everyone moved, the availability of food would be fulfilled. “We hope that millennial farmers can be at the forefront of this. Papua has a fertile earth, use it for agriculture,” he said.

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The Minister of Agriculture also entrusted the Governors and Regional Heads in Papua and West Papua and their officials to pay more attention to the Millennial Farmers.

‚ÄúThese are my children and cannot fail. This is a momentum for connecting and the next step is mixing with other agricultural programs. You are fighters for humanity, if you want to build Papua, cultivate agriculture, farm and build agriculture in this Papuan land. It’s your duty to prove it,” he said.

In Papua Province, the training was held at BPTP Papua, BLP Sentani, BPP Sidori, Dishut Biak, Ditan Merauke, Distan Nabire, Polbangtan Merauke, BPP Semangga, Balai Kampung Domande, Diperta, SMK Eca, and Diperta Yapen.

Meanwhile in West Papua, the training was centered in Manokwari Polbangtan, Pegaf District Agriculture Service, Telbin District Agriculture Service, Sorong District Agriculture Service, Fakfak District Agriculture Service and Tambrauw District Agriculture Service.

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