100 Papuan Youths Participate Education at SPN Jambi with the Hinterland Children Tribe

goodmorningpapua.com – One hundred men from Papua have joined the education of the National Police Officer at the State Police School (SPN) of the Jambi Police. They were joined by other participants from the Jambi region, including the hinterland child tribe or high achievers of the jungle.

Jambi Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Police A Rachmad Wibowo said the participants who were here would have prepared themselves physically, mentally and intellectually.

“You have attended a long, tight and very competitive selection series to achieve your dream of becoming a police officer, so don’t waste all your efforts,” said Pol Kombes Rachmad Wibowo, Monday (26/7/2021).

He asked the participants not to be complacent. Because this education is the beginning of a long struggle to become a real policeman. That’s why he stressed these students to keep learning, even though the education period was over.

“Learning and practicing with persistent, perseverance and enjoyment is the key to success in education,” he said.

A Jambi Police Chief also wished the students a happy learning and training and to the Kasatdik, teachers, Girls, Instructors and caregivers congratulations on carrying out this noble task.

“Give the best service sincerely and honestly. Thank you for all the dedication you have given,” he said.

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