10 Happiest Provinces in Indonesia 2021, One of them is West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The results of a survey by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the happiest province in Indonesia is outside Java.

Of the 34 provinces, North Maluku is listed as the happiest province in Indonesia with an index value of 76.34.

It is strictly followed by North Kalimantan (Kaltara) as the happiest province in Indonesia with an index value of 76.33.

The determination of the happiest province in Indonesia in 2021 is based on survey results for the period July 1-August 27, 2021.

“The approach used is affective life satisfaction (feelings), and eudaimonia (meaning of life),” explained Margo Yuwono, Head of BPS, Saturday 1 January 2021:

Here are the 10 happiest provinces in Indonesia 2021:

1. North Maluku: 76.34

2. Kaltara: 76.33

3. Maluku: 76.28

4. Jambi: 75.17

5. North Sulawesi: 74.96

6. Riau Islands: 74.78

7. Gorontalo: 74.77

8. West Papua: 74.52

9. Central Sulawesi: 74.46

10. Southeast Sulawesi: 73.98

The results of the BPS survey also show that the overall happiness index of the Indonesian people, including West Papua, continues to increase.

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